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Fear Not The Final Words...

Or The Ceasing of the Heart

Aran Cky
23 October 1990
Rewritten and Redefined

Feel the rumble of the world.
The oncoming dark.
Fear not the final words.
Or ceasing of the heart.
Because one day, it will happen.
Just wait and see.
One day.
Once Upon A time.
Our Worlds will collide.
Upon that day they will show.
However, until then...
The Stains of Our life will continue to grow.
Stains of Our Life.

Aw, Geez.
I'd have to say.
When all the sky turned black.
Aw, man. What a shame.
If the air about went slack.
No more color.
No more life.
Would not phase my mood.
Because as it is, these stains will not be removed.
Stains of Our Life.

Feel the tremor of the sea.
The crackle of the tide.
The onslaught of every wind, storms rising high.
Because one day it will happen.
Just give it time.
One day in the future.
Our worlds will collide.
Upon that day they will show, truer then any feeling.
Love will lose her handle.
Fear will pick up the remaining.
Death will slash down with a scythe.
We asked for it.
The Stains of Our Life.

Education will find it's fault.
As humankind pays it's due.
We've tortured this world long enough.
Our ending shouldn't be soon.
The worlds will recoil and bounce back again.
As silence swallows screams.
No more happy.
No more right.
No more inbetween.
We asked for this.
With every grunt.
With every frownline.
We could have taken better care of Earth.
And now were just paying the rent, for her time.
Her patients has been amazing.
And her wait has been long enough.

Sure we suffer,
but we brought this upon ourselves.
Way to go, Human Race!
Now your being knocked off the shelves.

Aw, Geez.
I'll hear the words echo out of me.
Just Great.
As I can no longer see.
We could of stopped.
If only we had.
That'll be our wish.
But Mother Earth has suffered long enough,
She needs to wash us away.
Once we all disappear she can proudly say,
"I washed the Stains of Lives away."

So now. When worlds collide.
Yes, now you know.
Life will not matter.
We reap what we sow.
Time and time again.
We did not respect her worth.
We laughed it off as some joke.
Funny as irony hurts.

But most of all remember this one thing;

When Worlds Collide.
You won't mean a thing.
The Stains of your Life.
The pains and the fun.
Will be all washed away.
As our time comes undone.
When worlds collide.
Prepare for the worst.
You did this.
Deserve it.
I hope you get hurt.
When worlds collide.
because when all is done.
The Stains of our lives,
Plain as day, will be
Rewritten and Redefined.- As Written by me.